Death of 60-year-old woman on conscience of anti-waxing doctor

Investigations are ongoing into the death of a 60-year-old woman from Volos, who was admitted to the hospital with coronavirus too late – doctors were unable to save her.

Her attending physician, an ardent opponent of vaccination, is accused of criminal acts contributing to the death of a sick woman. He discouraged her from going to the hospital in every possible way, instead prescribing his own “cocktail” for the treatment of covid – antibiotics, aspirin, vitamins and drops.

The husband of the deceased testifies that the family doctor was categorically against the vaccine and told the patients that those who had been vaccinated “in a few months will fall like chickens”! He strongly discouraged spouses with coronavirus from going to the hospital. As a result, the woman got there already exhausted from an illness and in an extremely serious condition. Her body, despite the efforts made by the doctors, did not cope – the point of no return had already been reached.

The husband of the deceased filed a lawsuit against the Volos doctor with the Disciplinary Council of the Medical Association. The prosecutor’s office has ordered a preliminary investigation, and an anti-Axis doctor will be summoned to testify on the merits of the case. It became known that he apologized to the administration of the Medical Association of Magnesia for his video, where he promoted anti-scientific views. For this act he was fined.

The investigation continues, and the doctor continues to see patients for now. The lawyer for the husband of the deceased 60-year-old Γιάννα Παναγοπούλου says to Espresso:

“The unhappy woman took her last breath, defeated by the coronavirus. While she was ill with her husband, a specific doctor watched her, who advised them until the last minute and did not allow them to visit the hospital. He told them that “if you go to the hospital, you will die. Her husband’s health was also in danger. We have already demanded that the doctor be brought to criminal responsibility for Volos and his exemplary punishment. “

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