Oops … The error came out: "customer of the murder" Solonika turned out to be innocent

The gross error of the Greek police led to arrest A 48-year-old Greek citizen of Georgian origin, allegedly behind the 1997 murders of the Russian hitman Alexander Solonik (Sasha the Macedonian) and his 19-year-old old friend Svetlana Kotova.

At Thessaloniki airport, Greek police said on Monday there was an arrest 48-year-old Joachim Karsliadis, who, according to the police, “has been hiding in Cyprus in recent years.” The Interpol branch on the “island of Aphrodite” established his whereabouts and immediately notified the Cypriot authorities, who, in turn, notified their Greek counterparts.

Cypriot and Greek officials decided to arrest Karsliadis, considering him the mastermind behind the murders of Alexander Solonik and Svetlana Kotova, in Greece, not Cyprus, in order to avoid extradition proceedings.

“In the conditions of the strictest secrecy, plan implemented EL.AS. on the capture and arrest of a man who, according to the Greek police, in 1997 ordered the murder of one of the most famous personalities of the Russian underworld. “And as it turned out, everything was in vain …

When arrested, Joachim Karsliadis was told that he was charged with participation in the murder of 2 people, as well as violation of the law on the circulation of weapons. From the very beginning, Karsliadis claimed that he was innocent and not involved in criminal activity, while he told the police that he had come from Cyprus to Greece for a funeral, and 10 years ago he was in the country during cases related to military service.

The bubble was blown for 17 years …

As it turned out after 24 hours, the charge of Solonik’s murder was the result of a mistake made in 2005. Then an employee of the investigative department, who was involved in the case of Solonik’s murder, accidentally put the data and fingerprints of Joachim Karsliadis, who had been arrested a few days earlier, in a folder with documents, who was being prosecuted for some drug cases.

Detained in 2005, Karsliadis Ioakim Vasilievich, born on January 30, 1974, who received Greek citizenship in 2000, after the investigation of the case was released and after a while left Greece, moving to Cyprus.

Later, another police officer opened the file with the file and found the data of Karsliadis in it. The case started. Since Karsliadis was not found in Greece, the police filed a request with Interpol to search for and arrest him, which in fact inflated a big soap bubble. And when, after the arrest of Karsliadis, the police were already twirling the holes on the shoulder straps and going to wash the awards, he burst with an unpleasant smell.

Most likely, an internal investigation will be ordered in this case, and with a 100% probability the police officer who mistakenly put the documents in someone else’s folder will become the scapegoat. Another thing is unclear, really, for almost 17 years of searches, no one thought of checking the data?

As we reported previously, Russian justice in 2011 arrested and sentenced Sergei Butorin (Osya) to life imprisonment, as the customer of the murder of Alexander Solonik and Svetlana Kotova. Earlier, in 2005 and 2006, the direct perpetrators, members of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group Andrei Gusev, Andrei Filippov, Alexander Pustovalov and Andrei Pylev were convicted. And on July 5, 2017, in the Suzdal district of the Vladimir region, detained the last of those involved in the murder of Solonik is Alexander Sharapov.

All the persons involved in the case confessed to the crime during investigative actions or in court. And it is not clear at all how the Greek police tied Karsliadis to the case.

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