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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan warns: those who refuse to lay down their arms will be destroyed.

An anti-terrorist operation continues in the center of Almaty, explosions are heard, witnesses report an explosion, Sputnik Kazakhstan informs. There is evidence that the military and the police have permission to shoot to kill. This fact is confirmed by a report from the police:


Earlier it was reported about the cleaning of the main square of the city:

“In Alma-Ata, presumably, the cleansing of the Republic Square has begun. Shooting continues.”

According to the correspondent, groups of 5-6 people are fleeing from the side of the square, some are wounded. The broadcast of TV channels was interrupted in Alma-Ata, Sputnik Kazakhstan reports. Earlier there was information about the seizure of the Koktobe television tower. However, later, an official representative of the city police department of the city of Saltanat Azirbek said that this information was not confirmed, RIA Novosti reported.

Just recently, Sputnik Kazakhstan announced that law enforcement officers had vacated the presidential residence, which had been previously occupied by the protesters. In Almaty, administrative buildings and the city’s police department were attacked. Dozens of attackers were killed. The official representative of the Police Department of the city Saltanat Azirbek said this:

“Last night, extremist forces attempted to storm administrative buildings, the Police Department of the city of Alma-Ata, as well as district and police departments. Dozens of attackers have been eliminated, their identities are being identified. houses “.

According to the latest information, in the Kazakhstani Taraz, they report about the shooting in the city center. “Shots are fired in the administrative center of the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan, Taraz,” Sputnik Kazakhstan reports. The situation in the city was calm earlier in the day, although some 50 police cars and three police buildings had been burned before.

Referring to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, 5 minutes ago Sputnik Kazakhstan announced the liberation of the Republic Square:

“The Republic Square in Almaty has been freed from radicals. The situation on the square is calm. The special operation in other parts of the city continues.” Political scientist Arkady Dubnov, an expert on Central Asia, expressed his opinion on the possibility of a revolution in Kazakhstan. …

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