CSTO peacekeeping forces arrive in Kazakhstan

The collective peacekeeping forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization have been sent to Kazakhstan. Their task is to protect state and military facilities, to assist in stabilizing the situation.

TASS reports, referring to the CSTO secretariat, that advanced units from the Russian contingent have begun to fulfill their tasks:

“In accordance with the decision of the CSTO Collective Security Council, adopted on January 6, 2022, the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization have been sent to the Republic of Kazakhstan for a limited time period to stabilize and normalize the situation.”

The Russian airborne forces became part of the CSTO peacekeeping forces arriving in Kazakhstan, the Aerospace Forces planes transfer them to the republic, the message says:

“From the Russian Federation, subdivisions and military units of the Airborne Forces have entered the CSTO Collective Peacekeeping Forces. At present, the Russian part of the peacekeeping contingent is being transferred to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces.”

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