2,000 Greek police officers infected with the Omicron strain

The Omicron strain has attacked the Greek police, with more than 2,000 employees having tested positive for the coronavirus in recent days. Most of the infected are from the Athens Police Department.

200 police officers said they had contracted Covid-19 in just the past six hours, CnnGreece reported on Wednesday.

Faced with the potential for serious disruptions to critical services, the Greek police leadership has already asked as many office and secretarial staff as possible to work from home.

An emergency meeting of senior police officers discussed protocols for first responders such as rapid response teams (Άμεση Δράση) and motorcycle patrol “ΔΙΑΣ”, as well as criminal investigation officers.

Among the measures, it should be noted that the number of patrols and the presence of police on the roads should not be reduced in any way, and for this reason, pairs on patrols, whether on foot or motorized, will remain the same and will not rotate to avoid the spread of the virus.

There has already been a request from police departments that police officers work in the morning or afternoon, and that both shifts do not contact each other. Criminal Investigation Officers working in offices should avoid contact with their employees outside police stations in the “field” in the event of an investigation.

At the moment, data shows that the highest number of infected in the General Directorate of Police of Attica (GADA), where there are more than 800 people, notes CnnGreece.

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