Covid survivors complain that employers force them to go to work on the 6th day

Hundreds of complaints, in which those who have had the Omicron strain, complain that employers force them to go to work as early as the 6th day after the onset of the disease, were received by relevant ministries and the media.

According to media reports, some of the complaints refer to a well-known chain of stores. Employers’ advice to sick workers: “Drink Depon and come to work!”, The newspaper said on Tuesday ethnos

The arbitrariness in the labor market also appears to be related to the fact that the government has so far failed to issue an official directive on what type of Covid test is needed to confirm the disease, especially for workers who do not want to miss out on a paycheck.

Vaccinated workers do not need to have a molecular PCR test to get insurance coverage at work if they become infected with the coronavirus. They only need a positive rapid test result, which will be posted in the electronic system by pharmacists or diagnostic centers, stated last week, Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga.

In contrast, unvaccinated workers will have to undergo an expensive PCR test and, if positive, submit to the registration system in order to receive 5 days of paid leave.

Since there is no official directive and the registration system has not been modernized to accept positive rapid test results, the issue remains open to employers’ arbitration, regardless of the contamination option.

At the same time, businesses, shops and restaurants are reported to be in trouble due to the mandatory five-day quarantine of tens of thousands of employees who have been positively diagnosed with the coronavirus. Sources in the sector told the media that this is cutting healthy workers on weekends and making urgent replacements.

“If the number of infections increases in the coming days, we will be at a dead end. Many small shops that only work with an owner and one employee may be temporarily closed, ”they said.

Interestingly, two young men working in the delivery sector told us: workers in this sector are getting infected one by one and there are difficulties in finding personnel to replace them and continue the smooth operation of the delivery.

It is noteworthy that 5 days is the minimum period for which an ordinary person can get sick with a viral disease (such as influenza), but it is absolutely not enough for complete rehabilitation. As a result, tens of thousands of people are forced to go to work in a semi-sick state, which has to be suppressed with the help of aspirin, paracetamol (Depon is the Greek magic wand, it is sold in any kiosk). As a result, their health is weakened, and they are ready “clients” for the next strain or seasonal flu, which, alas, has not gone anywhere, moreover, infecting other people along the way.

Meanwhile, the Omicron strain appears to be affecting more and more people. According to the latest information, the number of cases on Tuesday reached 50,126 confirmed cases.

PS It is not clear only one thing, why all this panic, protective measures and other perversions are needed, if 99% of the infected get sick in a mild form and after 5 days go to work with immunity, albeit not for a long time (scientists say from 3-4 months) … So the virus mutates at such a rate that already existing vaccines react poorly to it, let alone new mutations and even questionable.

PPS After the publication of the news, it became known that the Cabinet promised to solve this problem within the next 24 hours. My daughter went to work yesterday, 5 days after testing positive for coronavirus. They did not say which strain, but by the way she quickly recovered, it was clearly an omicron.

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