A future that resembles the Dark Ages

As Bakunin said, we already have a revolution. More precisely, now the Dark Ages. The earth has already been divided into Heaven and Hell. We have the First World and everything else. We are all kind of anti-globalization, but we all wear things made by people in Bangladesh.

They work and live in hellish conditions. In our cell phones – the blood of those killed in the civil war for coltan in the Congo. The leather for our shoes is made in Bangladesh, and the craftsmen do not live up to 30. Coffee in Tanzania is grown with the help of child labor. Should I continue?

Today, the richest 1% of people in the world have the same amount of money and value as nearly four billion people living below or near the poverty line.

We are already in a monstrous stratification. We don’t have to wait for him. We are already in a situation where Netflix and Nat Geo are replacing the common European with fundamental knowledge.
In the New Middle Ages, this is all instead of a puppet show at the fair. Reading and fundamental knowledge are becoming the property of a rather narrow stratum.

Our new Dark Ages have their own sorcerers. These are all sorts of instapsychologists, personal growth trainers and others, whose name is legion. There are witches and witches – specialists in the treatment of dietary supplements and urine of a young pig. Or how are they treating cancer and underarm sweating?

There are bearers of secret knowledge, keepers of magical amulets from the evil eye and from the machinations of the devil-sotona. Masha Shukshina, Q-Anon, fighters against codes and reptilians.

The mercenary armies create their own quasi-states (as was the case with the Aragonese mercenaries in the Balkans). Corporations and workshops are starting to hire the state to advance their interests.

Deviation is not even becoming the norm, but a sign of a special mark, almost from above. New blissful new cults are all sorts of gender-fluid non-binary transformers.

New cults are trying to deprive people of their property – here’s coliving, transport – here’s car sharing, identities – we are all brothers and sisters. Ultimately, this is all about preventing people from creating families and giving birth. So by the end of the world, the population will not grow so much.
By the way, even a medieval peasant had a piece of land.

Digitalization of all processes (and it is inevitable) will further aggravate everything. Why books and fundamental knowledge when there is the Internet and Wikipedia. Collective stupefaction. Nowadays, instead of “Dad published a bull about …” it turns out “CNN told, and on Facebook they write that …”

So, colleagues, we are, as it were, halfway to happiness.
The future has already arrived. Not very light. But what is there.

Andrey Medvedev, journalist, politician, publicist.

The opinion of the author may not reflect the opinion of the editorial board.

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