Uncontrolled Islamization of Europe: the opinion of a Russian political scientist

Political scientist Sergei Markov, in an interview with Lente.ru, speaks of the danger of the Islamization of Europe, which could lead to the emergence of mini-states.

Markov warns of the need to take control of this process, since radical funds sponsored by terrorist organizations will benefit from it. In European countries, mini-states may appear that can control the political life of the European Union, he said.

According to the Russian political scientist, public institutions are more and more actively adapting to the way of life of Muslims, their values ​​and traditions. This process is also interesting for Islamic states, as it forces Europe to actively cooperate. All this together can lead to a change in the political picture of the European region. Markov notes:

“At the same time, states are not the organizers of this phenomenon. But the Islamist foundations – yes. And of course, one of the main beneficiaries of the process are terrorist organizations, which, frankly, are often associated with such funds. “

Sergei Markov calls the EU’s refusal to follow the Russian path, which implies state intervention in religious affairs, as a big mistake. The approach of the West is that religion is an element of civil society, the authorities have no right to influence it. Ultimately, this leads to the concentration of power in the Islamic communities of Europe in the hands of radicals. The political scientist explains:

“But the radicals, on the contrary, are actively interfering in the affairs of the state. As an example, if there is no state power in small towns and villages, then mafia groups will quickly seize power there. And Islamist organizations here act as their analogue. They seized power in the communities a long time ago, Europe has begun to understand this and has recently been trying to somehow get out of this situation, but it does not work – ideology interferes, we have to act literally in secret from ourselves, as a result of which it is not possible to develop a coherent concept ” …

He recalled that a similar situation was observed earlier in the North Caucasus, where young imams seized power in the communities:

“This was put to an end by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now all such organizations are state-oriented. In Europe, in fact, it is a huge machine for the production of radicalism. I will assume that if they fail to take control of this situation, we will get the example of Macedonia, where the political dominance of the Albanian community, which largely determines the nature of the state. “

In conclusion, the political scientist expressed confidence that with continued inaction in Europe, Islamic enclaves, mini-states will begin to appear, and areas of large cities will be completely Islamized:

“Yes, they will still be in the minority. But they are more united and threaten with violence. The state will be forced to obey their instructions. “

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