A future that resembles the Dark Ages

As Bakunin said, we already have a revolution. More precisely, now the Dark Ages. The earth has already been divided into Heaven and Hell. We have the First World and everything else. We are all kind of anti-globalization, but we all wear things made by people in Bangladesh. They work and live in hellish conditions. […]

Credit Suisse: “Beautiful Far Away”

When you eat fried chicken leg, pork chop or fatty steak for dinner today, be glad that you are not yet in a bright future. Because it won’t be so tasty there. Anyway, it won’t be enough fun. At least this is what the Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse is warning about, whose experts and […]

OECD: three “crazy” scenarios for the evolution of humanity in the post-like era

One of the future scenarios states that most of human life will take place in virtual reality space. The OECD, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, shares its vision for the post-pandemic in its World Scenarios 2035 report. Alas, the “new reality” is described in dark colors. It is emphasized that “the incredible will […]

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