The pastry chef was appointed deputy head physician at Ikaria thanks to patronage

A confectioner has been appointed to the well-paid position of deputy chief physician at a public hospital on the island of Ikaria. The reason for such a sharp career growth turned out to be a tender friendship with a friend of the Prime Minister.

Anesinia Stamouli proudly announced her appointment on her social media account last week and publicly thanked local MP of the ruling New Democracy Party Christodoulos Stefanadis for her appointment, which sparked strong reactions.

Stamouli is the owner of a Greek-style Lucumades donut shop on the neighboring island of Samos, where Stafanadis is also from. And it has nothing to do with medicine, and, accordingly, medical education.

Nevertheless, having the qualification of a baker – pastry chef, as well as a diploma of higher education in the specialty “Management of cultural units”, received at the Greek Open University (the same university), but most importantly, tender “friendship” with a friend of the Mitsotakis family – Christodoulos Stefanadis, she took this well-paid position.

It is known that Anesinia Stamuli was sworn in on November 29. This vacancy has not been publicly announced, which is a violation of the law.

The Greeks denounced the appointment on social media, and even government-affiliated media outlets harshly criticized the appointment.

Ironically, congratulating the Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris on the choice of a pastry chef for this position, TV journalist Skai TV Aris Porthosalte urged him and the government to immediately end the practice of appointing party members to hospitals, stressing that times of the pandemic require people who know the job, and not friends (mistresses) of politicians and big bosses.

Portosalte also recalled that in February last year, cardiologist Stefanadis was the owner of the house where the scandalous the prime minister’s dinner with a crowd of people in conditions of isolation and strict restrictions (naturally for the plebeians).

Some media also posted photos of the pastry chef with the prime minister.

PS Once the emperor Nero appointed his horse consul to show his power. Mitsotakis is not an emperor, but judging by his manners and contempt for the people, it won’t be long before that. At least his personal friends are already appointing mistresses to the positions of deputy heads of the hospital.

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