Forbidden terms of free Europe

The leadership of the European Union, following the fashion trends from the United States, proposes to prohibit the use of words indicating a person’s sexual and religious identification.

EU Commissioner for Equality Elena Dalli has prepared an internal guide to inclusive communication for members of the European Commission to help tackle “entrenched stereotypes” in the speech of politicians, reports RT citing the Italian newspaper Il Giornale. The new recommendations prohibit the use of masculine gender “by default”, making references to Christianity in the names and titles of holidays. Members of the European Commission will have to learn to keep their mouths shut, writes Il Giornale. The recommendations in the internal guidelines for inclusive communication are intended to “reflect ethnic diversity” and to combat “deeply rooted stereotypes in the behavior of individuals and communities”. The new rules prohibit the use of a range of expressions that are considered discriminatory based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and culture. In general, this approach assumes that a person cannot be identified with his characteristics, otherwise it is proposed to do this in a non-offensive manner. Thus, the use of the masculine gender “by default” is now banned, and the address “ladies and gentlemen” will be replaced by “dear colleagues”. Also, the use of terms with an indication of the genus, for example, workmen, is completely excluded. The article notes that the manual is written in English, so some of the guidelines are not suitable for other languages. The new rules stipulate that a speaker should never “assume” what his interlocutor’s sexual orientation or even gender is. In addition, according to the guidance received, references to Christian culture are made “on the basis of the principle that all people are Christians.” To combat these preconceptions, the authors of the document recommend that we abandon the mention of Christmas and instead speak of “holidays”, as well as not include such Christian names as Mary and Jean (John). We found negative connotations in the expression “colonization of Mars” because it recalls the era of colonialism. MEPs are advised to give preference to “sending people to Mars.” At the same time, “positive discrimination” is encouraged: for example, a working group should be created from representatives of both sexes, and people of different ethnicity should be invited to events or official photo sessions. In conclusion, the publication recalls that Elena Dalli has already been criticized during the controversial “Freedom in the Hijab” campaign, for which the European Commissioner has attracted the participation of Islamist associations. …

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