Nazi salute from a Russian kart driver

Fifteen-year-old Russian racing driver Artem Severyukhin, who competes under the Italian flag, raised his right hand in a fascist salute during the awards ceremony. The act caused mass indignation and provoked a scandal. The situation was complicated by the fact that the Nazi salute took place to the sounds of the Italian national anthem. The […]

Mom of 8-year-old blogger Mila Makhanets: comments on the scandal

As you might expect, the parent of the young model and blogger Milana Makhanets does not see anything shameful or criminal in her daughter’s candid pictures posted publicly on the social network, says The mother of 8-year-old Milana Daria, whom the real can very well expect punishment for inappropriate upbringing, gave the first comments […]

Do parents of young bloggers face criminal punishment?

Millions of subscribers following the romance of 13-year-old Pasha Pai and 8-year-old Mila Makhanets are now following the development of events with no less interest. Will parents of minors incur any punishment for posting provocative pictures on the network and other actions that caused a scandal in society? Understood The scandalous incident was reacted […]

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