Experts propose to let in city transport with tests, as is done in Germany

The head of the 2nd intensive care unit of the Papanikolaou hospital, Nikos Karavelos, said that after the second wave of the pandemic, when the regular operations required for patients with other diseases were postponed, when the lists were updated, it turned out that many did not survive.

“Many have died while awaiting surgery. Those who had money went to the private sector … There were many calls from relatives of patients who were previously observed with us. They switched to shouting and insulted us, saying: “Do you remember my father (mother, relative) ?! He died without waiting for the operation! Scoundrels! It is your fault that he left this world! “

To prevent such phenomena from recurring, Mr. Karavelos urged citizens to get vaccinated, and the state to take stricter measures. In this context, he proposed extending compulsory vaccination to persons over 60, civil servants, military and police officers, as well as allowing persons to use public transport exclusively with a QR code and coronavirus tests, as was done in Germany.

The expert confirmed the need to close schools for several days and hold sports events in stadiums without fans. “We have been experiencing nightmare and tragedy in hospitals for several weeks now. Today in Papanikolaou we start on duty, yesterday we intubated patients outside the intensive care unit, our people are constantly dying, ”he said and added that yes, there is enough oxygen, but it runs out very quickly. “If our tanks were filled every 10-15 days, now we fill them every 2-3 days,” he stressed.

The head of the intensive care unit noted that “the coronavirus is not a simple flu, but a deadly virus that kills lives. When you see hospitals overcrowded, patients are being treated outside the intensive care unit, and there are too many cases, shouldn’t strict measures be taken? ” – he concluded.

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