February 29, 2024

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Plan "V": in 2022 EEE (KEA) will not be canceled, perhaps even strengthened support for vulnerable citizens

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a social dividend for people with disabilities, low-income retirees and healthcare workers. At a time when the energy crisis manifests itself throughout Europe, it is possible that new measures will be announced to support the vulnerable segments of the country’s population.

On the one hand, the crisis is engulfing the country, inflation is approaching 4%, and on the other hand, the fear of a worsening situation in general indicates the possibility of the government taking new support measures.

According to the information, the rise in energy prices will lead to the fact that from the beginning of next year, the Fund “Ταμείο Ενεργειακής Μετάβασης” will receive significant funds.

At the same time, no pandemic scenario can be ruled out, as while the government has made it clear that there is no room for new isolation, the high number of deaths and intubations recorded daily is a matter of concern to experts.

It is worth noting that there is the possibility of additional interventions, even if the measures taken in the era of the pandemic have exceeded 43 billion euros. However, the budgetary limits are small, and if additional intervention is required, the government will take all the necessary measures.

If the energy crisis continues, it is possible that the subsidy on electricity bills will continue to be allocated.

In an interview last week, Finance Minister Christos Staikuras left open the possibility of new tax breaks for 2022 if financial opportunities arise, and also noted that EEE (KEA), the minimum guaranteed income, will not be canceled (as rumors have appeared), and even there is the ability to “strengthen” it.

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