Greeks flee the city on New Year’s holidays

Reservation of tourist properties for Christmas and New Year reaches 100% in popular winter destinations in Greece.

Despite the outbreak of the pandemic and the prevailing unfavorable conditions, Greeks, according to a new study by the Pan-Greek network of real estate agents E-Real Estates, are determined to “celebrate in a close circle, away from the worries of the city.”

This winter season kicked off with upbeat messages for both the short-term rental industry and mountain hoteliers, where occupancy rates reached 100% in all popular winter destinations in four days, while bookings are active for almost the entire weekend in November.

“The booking figures for Christmas and New Years, in terms of apartments and / or houses (villas) registered on short-term rental platforms, are extremely impressive. Bookings in all popular winter destinations already exceed 90% for both Christmas and New Years, ”says Themistoklis Bakas, President of E-Real Estates.

For example, in Metsovo and Karpenisi during the Christmas days zero availability is recorded, that is, 100% of bookings are observed. While high occupancy rates are recorded for travelers who manage to take leave from work from Monday 20/12 to Friday 24/12. During this period, the number of bookings on popular destinations ranges from 80% to 95%. As for the New Year holidays, there are zero vacancies in Portaria and Kastoria. Also, a high level of bookings, from 79% to 95%, was recorded in the period from 27/12 to 2/1. It should be noted that bookings are exclusively for properties that are stocked and registered on short-term rental platforms, which have limited capacity in many winter destinations.

Booking for Christmas

According to a study, in Arachov, reservations for Christmas days reach 98%, and only 20 houses are available for rent. The total cost of living of € 714 refers to a 90m2 chalet with 3 bedrooms. On New Year’s Eve the corresponding cost is set at 750 euros for 2 nights. In Metsovo there are no vacancies at Christmas for a whole apartment and / or a detached house, while those who want to stay on New Year’s Eve should know that the cost of two nights starts from 350 euros, and the number of bookings reaches 96%.

The town of Ioannina is a traditional winter destination for the inhabitants of the Etholoacarnania prefecture. On Christmas days, the number of bookings reaches 96%, and the number of vacancies is limited to 31 houses, for the New Year the number of bookings is 93%.

In Kalavrita, the number of bookings on Christmas days is 92%, while asking prices for renting an entire apartment and / or a detached house vary from 480 to 730 euros. For rent mainly apartments from 55 sq.m to 75 sq.m. And they can accommodate up to 6 people, depending on the policies of each owner-manager. On New Year’s Eve, the number of bookings reaches 92%, and the rental price for 2 nights ranges from 450 to 570 euros.

Trikala in Corinth is a direction that was “discovered” at the beginning of the memorandum years. The close distance and good road network from Athens and Patras have put Trikala Corinth on the map of our country’s popular winter destinations. Today the number of bookings for Christmas is 95%, with asking prices for renting an entire apartment and / or a detached house ranging from 360 to 1100 euros. The upper rental price refers to a detached 2 bedroom chalet of 72 sqm. At the same time, the reservation of tourist real estate for New Year’s days reaches 95%, and the rental price is from 670 € to 1000 € for 2 nights.

Booking for the New Year

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