Tax Super Lottery: Prize € 100,000

The Greek Finance Ministry’s Christmas lottery draw, formerly known as the “check” lottery, is approaching, with € 2 million in prizes.

The Ministry of Finance is trying to “stimulate” the market for “plastic money”, thus fighting tax evasion. Therefore, such a tool as the “tax lottery” was “invented”.

Paying for purchases “by bank transfer” (bank cards and making purchases on the Internet), you automatically become a member of the tax lottery and can receive a prize.

It is expected that on Christmas Eve up to € 100,000 will be drawn within the framework of a special lottery, and from January 2022 and every month AADE will distribute significant sums, starting from € 1,000 and even € 50,000, thus rewarding “law-abiding” taxpayers who use electronic money in their daily transactions.

All the changes that will make to the lottery in 2022

1. The tax office will distribute 1 million euros every month. Today, in every draw, 1,000 lucky winners win over 1,000 euros at a cost of 12 million euros per year.

From January 2022 and every month:

500 lucky winners will win 1000 euros each, 70 euros each, 5 euros each, 20,000 euros each, 1 super lucky person will win 50,000 euros.

2. A special electronic platform will be created, with the help of which the participants of the drawing will be able to easily and quickly find out if they have won.

3. Additional lottery. Under the new tax system, vulnerable households will have more options than current rules. In particular, taxpayers with low family income and large numbers of children are expected to receive an increase in the number of tickets and therefore a better chance of winning.

4. Lottery tickets will be awarded depending on the income of the citizen. Depending on the percentage of “spending” from income, “tickets” will be given a different weight. In this context, those who spend most of their income paying by credit card or electronic banking are considered to receive more tickets.

As a reminder, the AADE tax office calculates the number of lotteries based on amounts corresponding to the size of monthly transactions.

More specific:

For a total amount of up to 100 euros, 1 lottery ticket is credited for each 1 euro. For the next 400 euros, that is, for a total of 101 euros to five hundred 500 euros, 1 lottery ticket is awarded for every 2 euros. For the next 500 euros, that is, for a total amount from 501 euros to 1000 euros, 1 lottery ticket is awarded for every 3 euros. For the excess amount, that is, for a total amount of more than EUR 1001, 1 lottery ticket is charged for every EUR 4. For example, for a total transaction amount of three hundred 300 euros, 200 lottery tickets will be credited.

As you know, until today in each drawing there were 1000 successful “tickets” and 1000 alternative numbers numbered from 1 to 1000. The cash prize is 1000 euros, which are credited to the account indicated by the taxpayer in TAXISnet.

As “Russian Athens” wrote earlier, the amount of your “tickets”, which will take part in the next drawing of the lottery of the Greek Ministry of Finance, can be found using a special application in TAXISnet on the AADE website.

In case of a win, citizens are informed by means of a personalized message in their TAXISnet account.

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