September 22, 2023

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The passenger carried a pound of cocaine in his stomach

At the international airport “El. Venizelos ”in Athens, a suspicious passenger was arrested.

A Portuguese citizen was detained Monday at the airport while trying to smuggle 33 cocaine capsules in his stomach, Greek media reported. The suspicions of the airport officials were caused by the nervous behavior of one of the passengers on the Lisbon-Athens flight. He tried to avoid going through the normal screening procedure, after which he was detained and taken to a separate room for a more detailed examination.

After the arrest, the 34-year-old man confessed that he was carrying drugs in his stomach, packed in plastic capsules. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where doctors removed the illegal cargo from him. Customs and police counted 33 capsules of white powder, which turned out to be cocaine. The total weight of the smuggled goods was 588 grams.

Now the unlucky drug dealer will have to spend several years in prison. However, if during the flight at least one capsule burst, then his fate would be more sad: every year in the world more than one courier-“swallower” dies, agreeing to transport drugs in his stomach.

The reason for this is the poor packaging of the capsules and the aggressive stomach environment, which often corrodes the packaging material. In this case, the person dies from a severe drug overdose.

The arrested person was taken to the court of first instance in Athens.

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