Who will take responsibility for the death of a 51-year-old woman in Thessaloniki?

The prosecutor joined the investigation into the death of an unvaccinated woman in the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki and the actions of her “advisor”. The patient’s deathbed correspondence with the doctor who recommended that intubation should be abandoned became public and causes controversy.

According to available information, a 51-year-old unvaccinated resident of Thessaloniki has contracted the coronavirus. At first, she did not go to doctors, however, after a significant deterioration in her condition, she still had to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, time was lost, and, due to significant lung damage, it was decided to place her in the intensive care unit. A frustrated woman contacted an acquaintance of hers, a former healthcare professional who had been suspended for lack of vaccinations. Further – the verbatim dialogue:

– … I’m in Papanicolaou. They want to intubate me with oxygen 93-94. Can you help me? In the pulmonary …

– What happened to you? Sign and leave. Do not accept. They cannot do anything to you without consent. Call the police. Sign up and take responsibility.

– How do I call the police? Since I’m on oxygen. I can not talk.

The woman reports that her husband is also in this hospital under oxygen. In response, the interlocutor again calls on the woman to take responsibility and leave.

The prosecutor’s intervention was caused by the publication of this correspondence, as well as other posts of the interlocutor doctor on social networks. He actively urged citizens to ignore vaccinations and spread false news, in particular, that doctors received financial benefits for promoting an anti-coronavirus vaccine. His call for non-intubation resulted in the death of a 51-year-old woman. The Chief Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki ordered a preliminary investigation. The first part will deal with the dissemination of fake information and news, the second – the criminal acts that led to the death of a patient at the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki.

The deceased woman denied vaccination and the very existence of the coronavirus, so she did not get vaccinated. Interesting is the reaction of her mother in a conversation with journalists from the Greek media. She called the death of her daughter God’s will and said that the woman did not want to intubate:

She asked for help because she was forcibly intubated. She didn’t want to be intubated and there was a big fight between them. She was a negative: against the vaccine, against the tests, all against. This was the will of God, God wanted to accept it.

When asked if she regretted not being vaccinated, the mother of the deceased categorically replied:

“No, no, a million times not, the vaccine is bad.”

The flurry of threats to medical personnel from coronavirus deniers and vaccine opponents is increasing every day. Medical associations are considering going to the justice system to be able to professionally and responsibly carry out their life-saving work.

Yesterday it became known that the Greek parliamentarians voted to introduce criminal liability for distributors of fake news about the coronavirus. The minimum sentence is three months. The reason for it will be false information disseminated “that can cause anxiety or fear among citizens or shake public confidence in the national economy, the country’s defense or public health.”

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