Meet the first delta strain photos published

Published unique photos of the delta strain of coronavirus, obtained using an electron microscope camera, which allow you to see the “monster” with your own eyes.

Published unique images Center “Vector”, reports RIA Newspresenting exclusive footage. The publication says:

“The virus was grown artificially on a culture of African green monkey kidney epithelium cells.”

Sections of cells, as specified at the State Research Center VB “Vector”, are stained as required by the standard procedure for sample preparation for electron microscopy.

The Indian delta strain was identified last October. Its main features are the shortened incubation period. The main symptoms are a runny nose, sore throat, fever, and headache. There is no cough, the sense of smell does not disappear. The delta variant of the coronavirus is characterized by abdominal pain and vomiting, profuse nasal discharge, fatigue, and depression. To date, this strain has been found in 193 countries. In September, this variant accounted for 97% of all mutations in Russia.

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