Up to 180 thousand health workers have died from coronavirus from the beginning of the pandemic to May 2021

The World Health Organization has released data showing that “80,000 to 180,000” health workers have died from complications from the coronavirus between the start of the pandemic and May 2021.

A WHO report released yesterday said:

“These estimates are based on the 3.45 million Covid-19-related deaths reported by WHO by May 2021 – a number that in itself turns out to be much lower than the actual death toll.”

Commenting on the figures presented to the media, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus said:

“This is why it is important that healthcare workers get vaccinated as a priority. Data from 119 countries show that, on average, two out of five health professionals worldwide are fully immunized. But of course, this average hides huge differences between regions and economic groups. In Africa, less than one in 10 health workers are fully immunized. At the same time, in most high-income countries, more than 80% of health workers are fully immunized. ”

In this situation, the organization calls on all states to provide priority vaccination of healthcare workers against Covid-19, along with high-risk groups:

“More than 10 months after the first vaccines were approved, the fact that millions of healthcare workers have not been vaccinated is in itself a condemnation of the countries and companies that control the global vaccine supply.”

WHO continues to strongly condemn inequalities in vaccination. The organization is relentlessly calling for vaccines to be shared as Covax faces shortages. WHO CEO says:

“G20 countries have pledged to donate over 1.2 billion doses of vaccine to Covax. So far, only 150 million have been delivered. For most donations, we do not have a schedule. We do not know how many doses Covax will receive and when. “

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