A 23-year-old man who was paralyzed after vaccination got back on his feet 2 months later

Almost two months have passed since the beginning of “taking care of his own health and protection from the virus” 23-year-old Georgos Vagiannidis from Katerini.

The young man said through his personal Instagram account that his legs were paralyzed a day after being vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson, but doctors never linked his problem to the vaccine.

The guy posted a new video from the rehabilitation center, where he is being helped so that he can stand on his feet again, and thanked all those who helped him. “Of course, I haven’t finally come to my senses yet and continue to fight. Almost 2 months have passed since the beginning of this “adventure” (vaccination). Many thanks to everyone for the interest that you show to me every day and support me, as well as to all the doctors of the rehabilitation center who really care and help me in the best way, ”he wrote on social networks.

Recall that in his previous post, the man described that an hour after the vaccination on September 1, he developed chills, dizziness, weakness, and a fever. He went to the hospital himself, and while he was waiting in the emergency room, he suddenly began to lose sensation in his legs. However, due to the fact that there was no neurologist in the hospital, Georgios was admitted to the Papanikolaou Hospital (Thessaloniki).

In his post, the young man said that his examination was successful, but he still could not move his legs: “I am undergoing a thorough examination by neurologists. The doctors say that everything is fine with me. Days go by, everything goes on. “You have not found any pathology, judging by the results of the examinations that we did,” the doctors said, adding, “It could be psychological.”

“Whether it’s true or not, but I can’t walk!” The guy wrote in his post.

The doctors, for their part, assured the patient that his health problem could not be caused by the vaccine, as no such side effects had been reported so far.

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