Greece COVID map: growing number of regions with “high risk”

On the Covid map of Greece, which was updated on Wednesday 20 October 2021, more regions across Greece are ranked at a higher “risk level” as the epidemiological situation surrounding the coronavirus has begun to worsen again.

Two regions received the highest “red” mark and five more “orange”, while an increased epidemiological burden was also confirmed in the islands of Chios and Ithaca.

And although the government abandoned the “local isolation” scheme about two weeks ago, health experts in Greece do not rule out new measures to contain the spread of the virus, media reported citing a meeting on Tuesday.

The new situation and attitudes are characterized by a large number of infections in Episkopi village of Naousa, western Macedonia, after the wedding. In the house of the bride and groom, three-day celebrations were held, where vaccinated and unvaccinated relatives, friends and guests communicated nicely with each other, eventually infecting more than 100 people.

COVID-MAP October 20

Only a few regional offices in northern Greece are in a relatively normal situation:

Became “red” from “orange”: Grevena, Trikala. Became “orange” instead of “yellow”: Mount Athos, Mykonos, Arcadia, Lefkada, Lesvos. Turned yellow from green: Chios, Ithaca.

In Grevena, the number of cases in the elderly has increased, and in Trikala, the number of hospitalizations for the elderly has increased.

On the other hand, in some regions, the “risk level of coronavirus” has decreased due to a decrease in the number of infections from last week.

Orange to Yellow: Corfu Yellow to Green: Sporades, Kefalonia

The interactive COVID-MAP map is here.

Over the past two days, three-digit infection data have been confirmed in ten regions of Greece.


Analyzing data on the pandemic over the past 7 days, experts at a meeting on Tuesday found a burden on all moving average indicators:

Cases: 2657 (up by 375). Positivity: 1.44% (up 0.22%). Hospital admissions: 208 (an increase of 20 patients). Intubated: 354 (an increase of 19 patients). Deaths: 33 (increase by 3).

Vaccination card. It is significant that where there are fewer vaccinated, the situation is much worse (see map above)


At today’s meeting of the committee of epidemiologists, health experts can propose new measures to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, as well as to simplify what is already in place so that citizens can understand and therefore more easily follow them. This was reported by the site iatropedia

Experts see an increase in the rate of vaccinations, as well as the misconception that vaccinated people do not get the virus. But also the resistance of a large percentage of the population to vaccinations or hygiene measures: wearing a mask and social distancing, or both.

Experts are considering adding a new level of “health risk” highlighted by Purple, where mask use will be universal, additional use of protective equipment in public transport, and a ban on public events with many people.

The measures that will be discussed today, if approved, will be announced tomorrow, Thursday.

In an effort to boost the vaccination program and attract more people, the country’s chief epidemiologist, Sotiris Tsiodras, will appear in public again, almost a year later.

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