Antivaxer dies due to Covid-19 complications, signing intubation waiver

The 45-year-old music teacher died Wednesday from complications related to COVID-19 at Serres Hospital in northern Greece.

A father of three children and his wife signed hospital papers confirming his categorical refusal to intubate, believing that her purpose was to kill patients.

The man was admitted to Serres General Hospital with serious lung problems 12 days ago.

“The patient died from complications related to COVID-19, in particular emboliand. We did everything we could to save him, but unfortunately we didn’t succeed, ”Teofilos Kallinikidis, head of the hospital’s covid department, told state-run ERT.

The teacher was reportedly opposed to vaccinations and was skeptical of the risk associated with the coronavirus.

He was very active on social networks and wrote on his Facebook page against the use of masks and the closure of schools, stating that “the coronavirus is an invention of the enemies of humanity” and that “vaccines are aimed at enslaving and exterminating the inhabitants of the planet.”

The teacher taught Byzantine music at the Serre School of Music. He left three minor children.

After the event with the death of a 54-year-old anti-axer patient, who categorically refused intubation, the doctors abandoned the compulsory process. The reason was the following after the death of the woman lawsuit against doctors, which completely discouraged doctors from communicating with anti-axers, and even more so – to intubate them.

Among anti-axers and coronavirus deniers, there is opinionthat the purpose of intubation is to kill the patient, and all treatment from the coronavirus is an insidious conspiracy (by the enemies of humanity) aimed at reducing the population of our planet.

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