Russian tourists whose catamaran crashed on the rocks escaped

The footage of the video captures scenes of the rescue of Russian tourists who were caught by Cyclone Ballos on the high seas.

A catamaran with 9 foreigners crashed into the rocks at the Alimos pier during weather disasters caused by the passage of a cyclone. According to, the ship was struck by lightning, as a result of which the electronic devices were completely switched off, and the catamaran was left without control. The waves began to sway and hit him against the rocks, as well as the breakwaters of the pier.

Despite the fact that the inflatable boat that rushed to rescue the victims could not reach the catamaran, in the end the Russian tourists made it out safe and sound.

Coast Guard announcement
At noon on 15 October, the First Port Authority of Flisvos of the Saronic Port Authority was informed of the incident with the ship Ι / Φ “SALTY PEARL” Ν.Π. 12658, carrying nine passengers. The catamaran, which lost control, was found in the sea area outside the Alimos Marina.

After receiving the report, the officials of the relevant port authority immediately went to the scene of the incident. As a result, it was found that the people in the boat had safely gone ashore (pier) and were in good condition.

The ship-owning company built a floating dam around the perimeter of the catamaran, and then Ι / Φ “SALTY PEARL” Ν.Π. 12658 was picked up and moved to the marina.

The Flisvos Port Authority, which is conducting a preliminary investigation, has banned the further movement of the passenger tourist vessel until the required documents are submitted to the competent authorities, including a certificate of fitness for a boat of this category for operation.

No injuries or pollution of the marine environment were reported as a result of the incident.

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