Transport spies: a new way of working for services

50 secret “agents” in public transport will be checking and recording eight key metrics and chatting with passengers from time to time.

Fifty “secret” passengers are already traveling on buses, trolleybuses, metro and trams to assess the quality of services provided on public transport in Athens and Piraeus according to certain criteria.

These are employees of a private company who pretend to be passengers, changing routes daily for about a month. It is impressive, however, that under a contract signed a few days ago between OASA and Global Link International Marketing Research, the secret “passengers” will also be provided with portable control devices (FSEs), although they cannot check the availability of tickets from citizens.

Secret passengers will board buses, trolleybuses, subways, electric railways, trams, and urban commuter railways and will check and record the following eight key metrics:

availability (waiting time), travel time, level of information provided, passenger service, comfort, safety (passenger compliance with protective equipment), environmental impact.

Thousands of reports will be collected and analyzed thoroughly.

The project will involve a total of 50 professionals working on a daily basis.

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