March 31, 2023

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EU initiates a defense union

The European Union is strengthening domestic defense cooperation in an effort to increase its independence from the United States.

Against the background of recent events – the conclusion of the military partnership AUKUS and the situation with Afghanistan – the European states decided to create a defense alliance independent of the United States. Defense ministers of the thirteen countries participating in the European Intervention Initiative met in Stockholm on Friday. Florence Parly, French Defense Minister, says:

“The fall of Kabul and the ill-prepared withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan were very difficult moments. We saw that we – members of NATO and the European Union – lack coordination. I would also like to mention the AUKUS partnership, which was announced without any consultation on the same day with the launch of the European Indo-Pacific Expansion Strategy. These events prove what we have known for a long time. Europe must speak for itself, Europe must act for itself – for the safety of our citizens. “

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece, approves the creation European Defense Union. The prime minister is confident that Europe needs strategic autonomy and a defense alliance. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, he said that it is high time to start a discussion if Europe wants to become a geopolitical power.

Last week, France recalled ambassadors from the United States and Australia “for consultations.” Only the Naval Group, which is counting on a penalty for breaking a multibillion-dollar contract, is now negotiating with the Australian side.

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