February 3, 2023

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Greece supports the creation of an EU defensive alliance

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece, approves the creation of the European Defense Union.

The prime minister is confident that Europe needs strategic autonomy and a defense alliance. Speaking at the UN General Assembly, he said that it is high time to start a discussion if Europe wants to become a geopolitical power:

“Greece believes in a multilateral approach to our complex global challenges today. But I also strongly believe in the absolute need for strategic autonomy for Europe. Recent events have clearly demonstrated that we must be ready and able to do more, like Europeans, alone. through our transatlantic ties. Either way, a European defense alliance will strengthen NATO. This will oblige European countries to tackle the issues of interoperability and scarce defense budgets. This will accelerate our cooperation in cyberspace and space. And those countries that are most eager to move forward will be able to do it at a faster pace. “

The Greek Prime Minister considers this problem urgent, which is being pushed towards an accelerated solution by strategic interests in the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Sahel:

“Because there will be missions where NATO or the UN is not represented, but where the EU should be.”

The issue of creating a military alliance in the EU acquired particular urgency after the formation of the AUKUS defense partnership in the Indo-Pacific region with the participation of Australia and the UK, as announced by the United States. France expresses increased dissatisfaction with its creation, as it lost as a result of this multibillion-dollar contract for the supply of nuclear submarines to Australians.

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