Anniversary of the European Parliament – solemn meeting of European leaders in Strasbourg

This year the European Parliament celebrates its 70th anniversary. Over the years, the number of representatives has grown from 78 to 705 deputies, they are directly elected. In Strasbourg, European leaders gathered in honor of the anniversary of the European Parliament: in 1952, the first session of the General Assembly of the European Coal and […]

Scholz called for European Union enlargement and reforms

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz calls to reform and expand the European Union – this will significantly increase its influence. Speaking at a meeting of European Social Democrats, writes Evropeyskaya Pravda, referring to TagesschauScholz stated: “EU, which includes 27, 30, 36 states, as well as more than 500 million free and equal citizens, can further strengthen […]

France and Germany created the EPC – "new EU" with Turkey as a member

France and Germany imperceptibly created the so-called. “new EUand plan to integrate Turkey into it, while rejecting as irrelevant the reaction of the Greek government. The “new European Union”, which may include Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and six Balkan countries in a simplified manner, will have a different structure and management principle: decisions will be […]

The Kremlin demonstrates a new tone in communication with the West

Russia will stop deliveries of oil and oil products to countries that will introduce a decision on limiting the maximum price of Russian oil. The Russian Federation does not intend to work on non-market conditions, said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. And this is a revealing new rhetoric: usually the West pretended to graciously agree […]

EU sends stern warning to Turkey, Ankara responds by violating Greek airspace

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis briefed European partners on Turkey’s actions and the escalation of its aggressive rhetoric against Greece. The briefing took place at the meeting of the European Council (EUCO) on Thursday. Mitsotakis said that it is Turkey that should reduce tensions. According to government sources, the prime minister also referred to statements made […]