900 euros – social dividend at the end of the year

According to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, more than 200,000 vulnerable families at the end of the year will receive material assistance from the government, previously called the “social dividend”.

An amount of 900 euros will be paid as a dividend to over 200,000 vulnerable families by Christmas.

This year’s emergency financial support will be a double payment of the minimum guaranteed income (Ελάχιστου Εγγυημένου Εισοδήματος), to which vulnerable households are entitled.

The Minimum Guaranteed Income (formerly KEA) paid by OPECA on the last business day of the month is a social security program provided to approximately 273,000 vulnerable households (482,335 vulnerable citizens).

The guaranteed amount is determined as follows:

For a family of 2 adults, assistance is paid in the amount of EUR 300. If you pay twice in December, the amount will reach 600 euros. The guaranteed amount is increased by 50 euros for each minor family member.

For example, a family of 2 adults and one minor receives a total of 350 euros. Accordingly, in December they will receive 700 euros.

A family with 2 adults and 2 minors receives a total of 400 euros. If paid in December, it will be 800 euros.

The maximum amount of the guaranteed amount is set at 900 euros per month, regardless of the composition of the family. Thus, in December, the beneficiaries will receive an additional 900 euros.

Last year, 256,563 families received double assistance. However, as of August, the number of vulnerable households has dropped to 215,000.

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