Don’t forget to apply for DEI social tariff

The submission of applications to IDIKA for inclusion in the program of the social tariff for electricity has officially started.

We remind you that applications for the social bill for electricity (Κοινωνικού Οικιακού Τιμολογίου) and the register of vulnerable customers (Μητρώου Ευάλωτων Πελατών) are verified on the basis of the 2020 tax return and real estate tax composition of the house in terms of the latest 2020 …

Citizens who submitted an application from September 16, 2021 until the end of the ENFIA 2021 accrual, and who have changes in real estate ownership in 2020 (ENFIA 2021 accruals), can, if they wish, submit a new application that will be verified.

Note that:

Citizens can apply at any time during the year (after prior cancellation of an existing application). Two months after the deadline for filing tax returns (16/09/2021 to 15/11/2021), those of the existing beneficiaries who have not submitted a new application will be automatically removed from the CTO list.

You can find out if you are eligible to become a Social Tariff for Electricity (SPS) recipient or join the register of vulnerable customers in 6 simple steps:

Step 1. Upon entering the system, you will be asked to confirm your AMKA and consent to the processing of the necessary data (yours, spouse / s and foster children).

Step 2. After your consent, a form with some personal data will appear. Choose which tariff (KOT-A, KOT-B) you want to apply for.

Step 3. It is necessary to indicate the meter number. It also requires an email address and a mobile phone number that will be used to send you notifications.

Step 4. For KOT-A, you need a valid (not expired) KEA benefit (EEE). The requirement to file an updated KEA application within the last two months is no longer valid. KOT-A does not require the consent of other household members because it was provided at the time of the KEA.

For the CTO-B program or for inclusion on the Vulnerable Client Registry if you also have other adult members in your household, consent from those people through their Taxisnet codes is required to make sure you meet the criteria. If consent is required from the person, this will be clearly stated.

Step 5. Once the required consent from adult household members has been obtained and all required fields are filled in, information is displayed on whether you meet the criteria.

Step 6. To become a beneficiary, you must click the button [Подать заявку]… If you meet the criteria, the application will be approved. The electricity consumption limit will be announced.

In case of refusal, you will be given details of the reasons. Online Application Platform:

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