Residents of the city of Valka in the Kharkiv region set a new world record

In the Kharkiv region, they set a national record for whistling. On the day of the city, 375 pupils of the Valk preschool institutions marched on the central square: “Birch”, “Raduga”, “Yablonka”, as well as students of the Maselsky Lyceum and the Valkovskaya secondary school.

And at the same time they whistled on a traditional clay toy – a Valka whistle called “whistle”, included in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The event was prepared for the 375th anniversary of Valok. The required number of fistulas was made especially for the holiday. The organizer of the mass pereshist was Olga Timoshenko, director of the Valkovskaya district school of arts.

This is the loudest and most massive whistle whistle in the world. The event is included in the National Register of Records of Ukraine. We set global trends to envy our neighbors! The traditional record whistle – instead of science and production, laments publicist Andrei Manchuk.

While they were whistling for a record in Valki, “there are massive redundancies in teachers at Karazin Kharkiv University. The official reason is the budget deficit. The workload will be divided between those teachers who remain. The management also plans to dismiss the staff from the staff and transfer the entire economic part to outsourcing.”

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