In Pakistan, Muslim radicals shoot down the temple and houses of Christians

At least four Christians, including a pregnant woman, were injured in an attack by Muslim radicals armed with machine guns in Lahore.

In Pakistan’s second largest city, Lahore, a group of Muslim radicals shot at a Christian temple and nearby parishioners’ houses with machine guns. As a result of the incident, which took place in the first decade of September, at least four Christians, including a pregnant woman, were injured, but the police are protecting the criminals, according to Christian Headlines.

As one of the victims said, on the day of the attack, he returned home from work and heard the screams and roar of machine gun fire. When the man hurried to call his children home, who were on the street at that time, they opened targeted fire on him and wounded him in both thighs. According to him, he saw a group of people, armed to the teeth, who at first randomly fired at the church, and then at the homes of Christians.

“I barely managed to crawl into the house and close the door, but they continued to shoot,” he said. “I heard their threats and curses against Christians, they vowed to destroy all of us in the area and to burn down our church.”

Witnesses identified the radicals who fired hundreds of bullets from Kalashnikovs and other weapons into the homes of Christians – they turned out to be Muslims who are considered powerful people with connections. As a result of the shooting, mostly women were injured, one of whom was six months pregnant.

At the same time, the police arrived at the scene of the incident only a few hours later and made false reports. The victims state that the accused often threatened them with physical harm, but law enforcement officers shield the criminals, “since they are Muslims, and we are poor Christians.”

“Several witnesses said that the defendants opposed the church in the area and forced the community to stop services in the temple, while others said that the shooting arose as a result of a dispute over the girl. However, even if it was a dispute between two people, how can an assault on the entire Christian quarter with the use of automatic weapons be justified? ” – Javed Gill, leader of the Association of Christian Lawyers of Pakistan, commented on the situation.

He stressed that the defendants fired illegal weapons and injured people, but the police did not apply the section of the Anti-Terrorism Act, leaving a loophole for criminals to be released on bail.

The police, however, assure that the incident with the shooting of the church and the houses of Christians is not a religious issue, but the result of a personal conflict, and “we always protect them (Christians – Ed.) From all elements encroaching on the peace in the region. The authorities have noticed the incident, and everything is being done to bring the perpetrators to justice. “

Recall that the overwhelming majority of Pakistan’s population (over 95%) professes Islam, and the country is on the list of the most dangerous for Christians. The UOJ wrote that in the spring of this year, Muslims attacked a Christian village in the state of Punjab, but the police are inactive.


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