To record video, shock content for Tik Tok … broke the glass in the train with his head

The young man started banging his head against the glass of the ΗΣΑΠ city train to get a video for Tik Tok.

The Tik Tok platform has managed to become one of the most popular among young people. Unfortunately, there are also times when some users take extreme measures to increase views and likes.

Such cases include this incident. The edition told about an egregious case when a young Greek publicly began banging his head against the glass of an electric train.

For shock content on Tik Tok … smashed the glass in the train with his head

For shock content on Tik Tok … smashed the glass in the train with his head

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Friday, September 17, 2021

In the video footage, the “protagonist” hits the glass with his head four times, resulting in a large crack.

The video document was shown on Greek TV on the Mega channel. The director of ΗΣΑΠ Line 1 was also invited to the program, who emphasized that the number of cases of vandalism in public transport is constantly growing.

“We have such incidents quite often. Groups of young people smash the doors and windows of the rolling stock, apply graffiti. I do not know what kind of “fashion this” is, and what it is connected with. And since these hooligan actions usually take place while the train is on the route, we cannot catch the juvenile vandals “by the hand”. Usually tomboys behave calmly and do not take any action when there are people in the carriage, ”he said.

According to Ilias Manikas, in 2020 there were 14 cases of vandalism on trains (per month), and in 2021 their number increased to 16. In September 2021, 15 cases of vandalism were recorded in the first ten days.

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