Suspect in the murder of Monica Geese surrenders to the authorities

A Romanian accused of killing a woman who was found “cemented” in the courtyard of his Cyparissia home has surrendered.

The man was detained at the airport in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The information was confirmed by the lawyer of the accused, Vasilis Nuzelas, speaking on the air of Alpha TV.

39 year old former partner Romanian citizen Monica Gius, who was found in an impromptu grave dug in the courtyard of the house and covered with cement, is considered the main suspect in her murder. At the same time as the woman “disappeared from sight”, her roommate left Greece.

Chronicle of events
About 11 months ago, Monica Gius was admitted to the hospital in Kyparissia in serious condition. There she reported that her roommate beat and raped her. But when the “tyrant” arrived at the hospital to pick up Monica, she still left with him, suppressing negative emotions.

She shared about her tormentor and the difficult story of her life with some of the hospitalized women who were with her in the hospital ward for 5 days.

“As soon as Monica saw him, she trembled all over and was almost hysterical … She told us earlier that her partner beat, insulted and humiliated her almost constantly,” said a witness to the incident.

Traces 42-year-old Romanian got lost in February of this year, she stopped communicating (her adult children live abroad). During the same period of time, the man with whom she lived left Greece, despite the fact that his “common-law wife” was wanted as a “missing person”.

At the end of August, new tenants who moved into the house where the couple used to live noticed a difference in the color of the cement, and it seemed to have risen slightly compared to the rest of the yard. The tenants decided to level the plot and stumbled upon the corpse of a woman lying in a fetal position.

The police, who arrived at the scene, removed the remains and began an investigation. Alas, the forensic expert could not answer the question whether the woman died on her own or was killed, due to the fact that the remains were in the last stage of decomposition. However, there is no doubt that someone decided to get rid of the body and buried it in the yard. The investigation is ongoing.

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