Opposition demands exclusion of MP Bogdanos for retweeting publications about children of migrants

Public outcry erupted on Tuesday when New Democracy MP and former journalist Konstantinos Bogdanos retweeted a website post about migrant children in a kindergarten in Athens.

The website, owned by the deputy’s wife, published a list of children’s names as well as the names of teachers under the heading “Shocking List”, regretting that most of the children turned out to be migrants.

The list was later removed as “erroneous”, but the article remained, and the topic was not closed on this, so the public and opposition parties intervened in the situation.

On Wednesday deputy wrote on social media that he made a “mistake” regarding a post he retweeted on Twitter on Tuesday. He also denied claims that he owns the site on which the story is published.

“[Во вторник] a mistake was made which was corrected and an apology was made. My mistake was that I retweeted what I didn’t check, ”he said, noting that his critics were malicious.

The site announced it was ending its collaboration with the reporter who posted the article.

Opposition calls on government to expel MP

Following the protests, opposition parties called on the ruling New Democracy to expel Bogdanos from the party.

“Mr. Bogdanos reproduced an article from a well-known far-right website that in its original form published the names of children from kindergartens in Athens,” the main opposition party SYRIZA said in a statement.

“This is a criminal act against young children by inciting violence against them,” added SYRIZA and criticized Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for claiming that his government included members of the extreme right and Holocaust deniers.

Socialists from the KINAL / PASOK party said that it was a “despicable, cowardly and far-right action to reveal the names of kindergarten children by a government deputy. And he has no excuses. “

“If Bogdanos remains in the parliamentary group of the New Democracy, it will most clearly mean that his ideas and practices are approved,” they added.

The Communist Party of the KKE said the government should explain itself about this leak and the publication of “personal data of babies”, adding that the “New Democracy” “cannot escape its serious political responsibility.”

MeRA25 said that “We are awaiting the expulsion and removal of Bodganos from New Democracy,” noting that “the MP is threatening lawsuits against journalists and citizens, falsely claiming that the lists were not published, although many Internet users took screenshots and saved the article with the list. “

Reaction of the “New Democracy”

On Thursday, the Greek government completely covered the MP, and a government spokesman said the publication of the list was “wrong.”

“The actions of Mr. Bogdanos were a mistake. It was an action that was not in line with the principles and history of our party, it was a mistake that he admitted, apologizing for the fact that the details about the children that were published were made public, ”said a government spokesman Yannis Ikonomou

The spokesman warned, “I have to make it clear that such mistakes will not be made in the future. It goes without saying that all party members must follow this principle. “

SYRIZA calls for justice to intervene

After Ikonomou’s statement, SYRIZA did not back down and criticized the Prime Minister for not taking action against MP Bogdanos.

“Mr. Mitsotakis has been covering up over the past two days and does not want to expel the fascist Bogdanos, who is targeting children,” the SYRIZA statement said. “This confirms that he is a weak prime minister who is afraid even [кого-то вроде] Bogdanos “.

Aside from the political issue, the opposition party SIRIZO called for justice. “As far as justice is concerned, it remains deaf to a number of offenses related to the publication of details about minors and their harassment using racist insults by a New Democracy MP,” the party added in its a statement

The prime minister should already have expelled Bogdanos from the New Democracy party, said Nasos Iliupolos, SYRIZA spokesman for both Skai TV and FM STO Kokino on Thursday afternoon.

The reaction of the journalist and deputy of parliament from the “New Democracy” Konstantinos Bogdanos, who stated that “the USSR was the most terrible dictatorship and historians have proved that under the USSR, during the Holodomor, from 3.5 to 11 million people were destroyed” …

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

To what has been said, it should be added that recently Bogdanos lashed out with criticism on the Ukrainian model Yulia Novaya, criticizing the little girl for wearing a T-shirt with the inscription USSR. The parliamentarian from the ruling party railed about how cruel and dictatorial the USSR was, after which he himself reposted the racist material.

PS We are waiting for the deputy’s active support from the most frostbitten part of the Ukrainian diaspora. This is clearly their man …

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