Staikuras: we will help citizens from inflation, but ….

Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikuras on September 15, in an interview with the Macedonia newspaper, said that the government leaves open the possibility of additional support measures for citizens if the growth rate exceeds 5.9 percent this year.

The minister indicated the government’s readiness for new measures to combat inflation, if it continues in 2022. When asked if citizens should expect further tax breaks in the event that growth rates in 2021 exceed the revised 5.9 percent (up from the original forecast of 3.6 percent), Staikuras replied that this is obvious: the higher the economic growth rate. growth, the more likely it is to take additional support measures.

“I hope for the rate of economic growth even higher [чем 5,9 процента]so that we have a fiscal margin to help Greek society even more, ”he said. The minister also stressed that the government’s intention for 2022 is to reduce the single tax on real estate ownership for the majority of the population.

As we reported earlier, the Greek authorities have repeatedly stated that There will be no 3rd isolationeven if the situation with the coronavirus in the country deteriorates significantly. The reason is that the financial reserves of the budget have run out and there is nowhere to wait for help.

In this regard, the country’s leadership adopted a program of pressure on the unvaccinated, by forcing them to vaccinate. For this, from September 1, restrictions were introduced on access to work of unvaccinated medical and social workers, and unvaccinated people were restricted from entering closed public spaces such as cafes, restaurants and clubs.

Mandatory testing has been introduced since September 13 for schoolchildren, students and teachers from 6 years old… And the Civil Aviation Administration lowered the bar to 4 years, for flights within Greece and abroad.

From September 17 a similar measure introduced with respect to ships and visits to dentists

Mandatory testing has been introduced since September 13 unvaccinated workers (private and public sector), to the staff of catering establishments (cafes, bars, restaurants, snack bars, taverns, nightclubs), theaters, cinemas, museums and gyms. At the same time, free testing was canceled, and their results (free testing) were invalidated.

But this is not the end. A statement has already been made that from September 20, compulsory vaccination of teachers and people over 60 years old

Will there be universal compulsory vaccination? Most likely not, but the pressure and coercion to vaccinate will be intensified, moreover, mainly by economic methods, by pressure “on the wallet”, which has already proven its effectiveness.

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