Offered a bribe of 500 euros to a nurse not to get vaccinated

A man came to the Mega Vaccination Center in the Athens district of Marousi and handed the nurse 500 euros with a request that she not give him a second dose of the vaccine. The nurse immediately called security.

After the fraudulent vaccination certificate scheme was uncovered in the city of Karditsa, central Greece, authorities issued several orders to control vaccinations and testing, and to tighten penalties for falsifying results. Nonetheless, anti-virus experts are trying to circumvent the restrictions.

He offered a bribe of 500 euros to a nurse so that he would not be vaccinated.

He offered a bribe of 500 euros to a nurse so that he would not be vaccinated.

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The story that happened today in a large metropolitan vaccination center was told by the journalists of the ANT1 TV channel. According to the journalist, the man approached the nurse who was giving the vaccinations and handed her 500 euros. He asked that she not inject him with the vaccine, but poured it on the floor, and then made a note that she had been vaccinated.

The nurse, realizing that this was a serious criminal offense, refused. The man, realizing that he missed, ran away. The nurse immediately called security, but the fugitive was gone. Nevertheless, the security personnel have personal and contact details of the anti-virus, which means that the issue of his capture is limited only by time.

As we previously reported, after the exposure of employees diagnostic center in Karditsa, the Ministry of Health and the Prosecutor’s Office issued several instructions regarding additional checks of medical staff, as well as toughening criminal liability for persons convicted of forging documents related to testing and vaccination.

In the near future, Greece is expected to issue a law that will toughen the already considerable terms of criminal liability for forging documents in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

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