Britain refuses to fight coronavirus, considering vaccination passports useless

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid decided to abandon vaccination passports, as announced on 12 September. There was a heated discussion on Twitter.

BBC journalist Andrew Marr asked the official a question of interest to the vast majority of Britons:

“Just two days ago, the Minister for Vaccinations Nadim Zahavi said that he didn’t like vaccination passports, but this is the right thing to do. Did it become the wrong thing overnight? ”

To which the Minister of Health received a spatial response:

“Nothing has changed overnight. First of all, there are many opinions in their defense. The virus hasn’t gone anywhere, the pandemic still exists, we need to stay careful. But we don’t have to do some things for the sake of all this, because others do them too. We need to carefully evaluate each intervention. I think a lot of people just instinctively don’t like the idea. I myself have never liked the idea of ​​having to tell people, “You have to show the pieces of paper in order to carry out daily action.” While we keep this idea as potentially possible, we will not implement the plan to introduce vaccination passports. “

In discussing the minister’s decision, many rightly drew attention to the fact that, first of all, it is necessary to separate the concept of vaccination passports and vaccination itself. One of them deserves support, the other does not. For example, user @welsh_shaun noted:

“People need to understand that there is a problem with vaccination passports and there is a broader problem with vaccination. These are different topics, you can support one and be against the other. I think vaccination passports are a disgusting idea. “

Others point out the uselessness, in their opinion, of vaccination passports, since a vaccinated person is as likely as a person who has not been vaccinated to become a carrier of the virus. User @ cap1945 writes:

“How can a vaccination passport matter if even the vaccinated can still pick up the virus and spread it?”

Same opinion @cpenguina:

“There is no credible scientific argument for a discriminatory vaccine passport. Vaccinated people can carry and spread the virus. The vaccination passport divides people and looks authoritarian, shocking that many people want to take this authoritarian path. “

@ArfurGott expressed his opinion, who considers vaccination an important and necessary step, both for society as a whole and for each person:

“There is no credible scientific argument for not getting vaccinated, and since when do anti-vaccinists think about science at all. Those who are not vaccinated fill hospitals, and it is not they who continue to delay the treatment of non-sore diseases, which has been waiting for 18 months anyway. ”

But almost everyone agrees that Britain should not blindly follow the actions of other countries, but should adopt successful measures, this thought is expressed by @paullferrer:

“We don’t have to do some things for all this.” This is the motto of our government, which describes their incompetence in the fight against COVID-19 since the beginning of January 2020. “

And user @BastCity ironically adds:

“I’m looking forward to the fourth lockdown.”

Many are looking for the background of the government decision and associate it with the banal distraction of society from existing problems, from the electoral law and the new tax:

“This is done to calm people down and instill in them the idea that they won, when in reality this idea would never have been possible to pull off. This news is just a distraction from the new tax fiasco. ”- @TheAtomicDom.

“Another solution tested in the community through the media,” @beltfedgob.

“Yes, absolutely … I was against vaccination passports and I would never have voted for the Tories again if they had introduced them. Looks like most of the country was against them! This is a political decision! ” – @ ffriesagain1234.

Some commentators urge the government to follow the example of successful countries in this regard, @Phil_Atherton says:

“France quickly surpassed the so-called record UK vaccination program. People continue to come for vaccinations in large numbers, mainly because they have to provide a “health pass” to get to restaurants, boulevard cafes, cultural places and the like. Children from 12 to 18 years old are also vaccinated from June! “.

In general, opinions are mixed. Especially regarding the upcoming vaccination of schoolchildren, which they plan to start in a week. But not all parents are ready for such a step.

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