Vaccination: enrollment for the third vaccination

Around 285,000 Greek citizens will receive a reminder from to get their third dose of vaccine.

The administration of a booster third dose is indicated for immunocompromised individuals, as previously announced by Marios Themistocleus, and begins today, Tuesday 14/09/21, when the vaccination scheduling platform is expected to open.

The President of the National Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, said that priority for the third dose will be given to medical workers and those working in health care structures, as they are at risk of infection.

She cited research from the University of San Diego to explain the prioritization for specific categories of citizens. It showed that in July of this year, the number of cases in the healthcare sector increased sharply due to the Delta mutation. In particular, out of 227 medical workers, 130 (57.3%) tested positive for coronavirus (a PCR test was performed).

Who needs a third shot
Those who receive the third dose of the vaccine include transplant recipients who have kidney failure (and are being treated), and those who have cancer and are also being treated.

In addition, the third dose is recommended to be given to all people with weakened immunity, suffering from autoimmune diseases or other ailments that cause immunosuppression, as well as those living with HIV infection, and their cd4 is determined below 200.

Another category of people who should receive a third dose of vaccine are those who have been taking more than 20 mg of cortisone per day for more than 30 days.

As well as people who are detained in care centers for the elderly (people aged 60 and over) and medical staff.

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