“From our table to your table”: record deliveries of Greek wine to Russia

Greece reports this year’s record export of wine to Russia and is optimistic about the future.

Georgy Kanakis, Export and Marketing Manager of the Cavino winemaking campaign, a member of the Peloponnese Winemakers’ Union, talks about the record growth in the supply of Greek wine to Russia this year. In recent years, it has become in high demand there. Kanakis notes with optimism:

“Now in Russia the legislation is changing a little once again, in terms of indication on labels. But everything is more or less normal in our country, supplies are growing. Our wine is sold both in supermarkets and in restaurants. This year we will reach a record supply of wine to Russia. Sales in Russia at our enterprise will be record-breaking in the entire history of supply of Greek wine. Such volume, as we will supply this year, has not been supplied by the whole of Greece to the Russian Federation. “

Despite the drought and fires, the export manager says, there are no problems with the wine harvest this year, although some losses have been observed:

“The harvest is expected to be normal, although the summer was dry. Perhaps, there may be less harvest of some varieties in a number of regions. It will be clear within a month. There is no information on the quantity and quality of the harvest. It is not yet known in which regions everything will be normally, which will be harvested less. Of course, there have been cases, two or three wineries in Attica burned down. Some vineyards all over the country were damaged. “

Kanakis assures that the company does not plan to raise prices for the next year yet:

“We will form our idea of ​​prices after the end of the harvest. This is sometime in October, then we will think if there is a need for price indexation. There is no such thing as yet that we will necessarily change prices.”

However, draws attention RIA News According to Kanakis, the upcoming rise in electricity prices could affect the final cost. Especially with regard to the production of bottles, since it is energy-intensive. The specialist notes:

“If bottles rise in price, this will affect the price, especially of inexpensive products. In any case, either through consumables or through operating costs, the cost of electricity will affect the final price. Nothing can be ruled out. But we resort to price changes as a last resort, as a last resort. “.

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