Mitsotakis on the construction of the metro in Thessaloniki

As the Prime Minister noted, visiting the stand dedicated to the construction of the metro in Thessaloniki, “the townspeople have suffered greatly during this period of time, but the metro will change their daily life. Fortunately, at the end of 2023, the metro will start operating, ”said Mr. Mitsotakis.

Immediately after that, he approached the TRAINOSE booth, declaring that “we love and care for railways” (“τον ΟΣΕ τον αγαπάμε και τον προσέχουμε”).

At the international exhibition ΔΕΘ, Mr. Mitsotakis got acquainted with the work of the country’s transport system, paying special attention to kiosks (stands), where electric cars and bicycles were presented.

Then he visited the kiosk of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, where he was greeted by Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis. Mr. Mitsotakis even sat in one of the new electric buses to assess the comfort of the vehicle.

Then he proceeded to the digital map, where the infrastructure projects of Greece were presented and met with the head of Attiko Metro SA. Nikos Tachiaos.

Earlier, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Kostas Karamanlis, at the opening of the ministry’s stand, praised the management of Attiko Metro SA., Highlighting the “measures to move antiquities to the station of Hagia Sophia”, started a few days ago.

Mr. Karamanlis reiterated that the philosophy and practice of the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport YPOME (Υπουργείο Υποδομών & Μεταφορών) are projects with guaranteed resources and a clear timetable, not words. The minister stressed that “large projects with a budget of 13 billion are already ready, OASTH and the transport of Thessaloniki were reorganized according to the model that operates in Athens, that is, with the supply of buses on lease.”

Concluding his speech, Mr. Karamanlis mentioned a package of large railway projects, which will soon be put up for auction, worth 3.3 billion (Θεσσαλονίκη – Τοξότες Ξάνθης και ο Δυτικός Προαστιακός Θείσςλο

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