December 2, 2023

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HSE professor on the real abilities of a nine-year-old student at Moscow State University

There are abilities, but not outstanding – this is how the professor of the Higher School of Economics appreciated the little student of Moscow State University.

The one who passed the exam at 8 years old, and at 9 enrolled in Moscow State University Alisa Teplyakova really has a talent for science, says Daniil Aleksandrov, professor at the Higher School of Economics, head of the Laboratory of Sociology of Education and Science at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg. According to him, reports “”, It is still impossible to call them outstanding.

At the same time, it cannot be argued that the overwhelming success of the child is explained only by the “coaching” on the part of the father, who pays great attention to the education of the children. The professor notes:

“It is impossible to train any child by the age of 8-9. Don’t torture them. It won’t help anyone. “

Alexandrov admitted:

“The girl is definitely capable… But it is also obvious that she most likely does not have any special abilities, otherwise she would not have enrolled in the psychology department, but in the mechanics and mathematics department or somewhere else. And psychology is such a general education. It’s just that the girl thinks well. “

Earlier, Teplyakova received a student card and became a freshman at the Faculty of Psychology at Moscow State University. Truth, on a contract basis… Her father is sure that she will graduate from the main university in Russia in 2 years instead of five. At the same time, he does not worry about possible problems with socialization. Evgeny believes that age will not prevent his daughter from studying with students who are twice her age.

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