Italy: the old woman won and immediately lost half a million euros

An elderly Italian woman bought an instant lottery ticket in Naples and won € 500,000. But the joy was short-lived.

Not believing her eyes, the lucky woman turned to the owner of the tobacco shop, where she had acquired it a minute before. The man was convinced that the scratch ticket really brought her half a million and, without thinking twice, jumped on his bike and disappeared along with the ticket in an unknown direction.

An elderly woman called the police. The carabinieri who arrived at the scene of the incident immediately notified the competent state authority, informing that the fugitive trader should in no way receive the amount won.

The thief, according to the Italian police, was discovered at Rome’s Fiumicino airport a day after the incident. He was preparing to fly to the Canary Islands. But, like the victim of his robbery, the merchant was unlucky at the last moment – he was detained by law enforcement officers shortly before boarding the plane. However, to the great regret of both the police and the victim, he did not have a lucky ticket.

According to the rules of the lottery, the unfortunate old woman will not be able to get her half a million without a lucky ticket, even in such an unusual case. However, the Italian public television Rai reported that the alleged offender, before leaving for the Canary Islands, deposited a precious ticket in the bank of Latina, located 73 km from Rome. So the woman has a chance of getting a prize, if this is the case.

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