Denmark copes with coronavirus, France extends quarantine, Sicily introduces new measures

From September 10, Denmark is lifting the restrictions that were imposed in connection with the pandemic, the country’s health department said.

Today, 80% of the adult population of Denmark (over 12 years old) is fully vaccinated, the country has reached the level of so-called herd immunity, so the government does not now consider COVID-19 as a critical disease for society.

In France, the epidemiological situation is gradually improving: for more than 10 days, there has been a decrease in the dynamics of infections, the number of hospitalizations has stabilized. According to the latest data, 11,162 patients are in hospitals (11,104 on Thursday), of which 2,270 are in intensive care. At the same time, 80% of patients hospitalized from 9 to 16 August were not vaccinated. On the French island of RĂ©union, the curfew and quarantine have been extended for 5 days – citizens can only move 10 km away from their homes, and 5 km on weekends.

And in Sicily, the number of hospitalizations associated with the coronavirus is increasing. She is now leading in this indicator among the Italian regions and will move to the “yellow zone”, with the obligatory wearing of masks on the streets and indoors, and observing the established social distance.

The whole of Croatia is highlighted in orange on the COVID distribution map prepared by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and updated on 28 August. Including hinterland regions that were only recently green. But in the plans of the authorities there are no changes in the current epidemiological restrictions.

In Serbia, there is excitement over a third, booster vaccine against coronavirus. There are 4 types of drugs used in the country: Sinofarm, Sputnik V, Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca. However, Serbian epidemiologists believe that the number of fully vaccinated people is far from satisfactory, and it is clearly not enough for the formation of herd immunity from covid.

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