Minks are worse than cats, they penetrate everywhere

A resident of Kastoria experienced incredible horror when on Friday morning she went to the toilet of her house and found that from the toilet she was staring at her – a mink!

The fire brigade was immediately notified and, according to Nikos Panagiotopoulos of the Kastorian Environmental Protection Company, who arrived at the scene, the firefighters tried to locate the furry animal by searching the small bathroom, but could not find any traces, although, as noted, on the floor was “wet”.

A second phone call followed a little later, referring to the same area, but three houses below. The woman who was walking to her bathroom saw the animal getting out of the toilet and walking around her bathroom!

“Here we must understand that the mink left one house, went down into the central sewer network and again crawled out in another place, where it found a way out,” emphasizes Mr. Panagiotopoulos, adding that the owner of the second house managed to maintain her composure by observing the animal … To prevent the animal from escaping, she lowered the toilet seat and closed the seat cover.

Firefighters managed to catch the animal with the wish that “it was an isolated incident.” However, as Mr. Panagiotopoulos assesses, “most likely, the mink can get into the sewer and enter the house,” in connection with which he reminds: “Before using the toilet, flush the toilet.”

Recall, “cute animals” bred in the wild a year ago, when fur factories were closed due to the coronavirus. The animals were thought to transmit the virus. They were massively destroyed. However, those who survived felt great at freedom.

And since their “grandmothers and grandfathers”, who became fur coats, closely communicated with a person, apparently in the DNA of the descendants such a concept as “a person” was firmly entrenched. That is, unlike wild and stray animals, they are not afraid of people and calmly climb into their homes, looking for food.

And yet, the inhabitants of Kastoria, remembering that “minks are carriers of covid”, panicky react to the appearance of “such cute” but potentially dangerous animals in their homes.

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