Tesla humanoid robot

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, yesterday unveiled a plan to develop a humanoid metal robot that would “work” at his company.

The eccentric billionaire has promised that a prototype of what he calls the Tesla Bot will be unveiled next year. He will have five fingers and an androgynous black and white appearance.

Musk said the robot will have a “profound impact” on the US and global economies, as it could potentially end labor shortages and lower wage costs. He added that he considers it important that this robot is not “too expensive.”

In his opinion, “by far, Tesla is the most important robotics company in the world,” because its cars are already practically “robots on wheels”: they “deliberately” move through the streets, because they have software that allows them to understand their surroundings. environment and move “autonomously”, without driver intervention. “So it makes sense to have a Tesla robot ‘in human form,’” he added.

Elon Musk spoke at his company’s event about advances in artificial intelligence (TN).

Tesla Bot will have a height of about 1.73 m and will be “friendly”, however, it is indicated that “you can easily run away from the robot, since it will not be able to move at a speed of more than five kilometers per hour,” Mr. Musk joked.

The billionaire envisions that his company’s robot will bring a world in which manual labor is no longer required, but a conscious “choice.”

The man with the world’s second-largest fortune, according to Forbes magazine, has also founded startups such as SpaceX, the first private company to launch rockets capable of reaching space, and Neuralink, which specializes in brain implants.

Mr. Musk believes that TN will not have a competitive relationship with human culture, and hopes, thanks to Neuralink, there can be a “symbiotic relationship” between people and technology.

At an event where Mr. Musk unveiled the microprocessors his company developed for its high-speed computer, which he called the Dojo, he pledged that the computer would launch in 2022.

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