The invasion of minks caused problems

According to the ERT, the invasion of fur-bearing animals in the West Macedonian region was recorded after animal lovers and advocates released about 50,000 minks from the farms of Kastoria and Siatista in 2010. It is significant that in Kozani, wild animals appear every day on balconies, in the courtyards and entrances of apartment buildings […]

Minks disturb the inhabitants of Kozani

The doctors and nurses at Mamazio Hospital in Kozani, faced with an unprecedented incident, could not believe their eyes. More than a dozen fur animals fearlessly scurried about in the courtyard of the hospital. At the same time, the hospital guards feared that animals could enter the building and cause other problems. The fire department […]

Greek minks in the era of coronavirus

How the Greek minks live in a pandemic and whether the best way out in this situation is to destroy them, the journalists figured out. Last year, following the discovery of coronavirus-infected animals, Denmark announced an unprecedented decision – the destruction of 17 million minks. Spain and the Netherlands followed suit, also deciding to prevent […]

Russia: animal vaccine against coronavirus registered

The first and so far the only vaccine against coronavirus for animals, called “Karnivak-Kov”, is registered in Russia, reports euronews. Manufacturers believe that soon it will be in great demand. The drug has been tested, which began last October, on foxes, cats, dogs, minks and other animals. Their result turned out to be 100% effective. […]

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