Poland may leave the EU due to disagreements with Brussels

Zbigniew Zhebro, Minister of Justice of Poland, threatens to leave the country from the EU due to the conflict over judicial reform. He announced this last Friday.

For its part, the European Union delivered an ultimatum to Poland: to prove its respect for European values ​​or to prepare for sanctions. But instead of obedience, Warsaw is showing obstinacy. Zhebro even said in an interview that Poland should not be a member of the European Union “at any cost.” He accused the EU of blackmail, claiming that by making concessions, Poland is losing sovereignty.

It was the Polish Minister of Justice Zhebro who acted as the main initiator of the judicial reform, which drew sharp criticism from the opposition – she called it a way to “bury democracy.” The Kommersant edition reminds:

In July 2017, when the Polish parliament was shouting “Shame!” adopted a law on the reorganization of the Supreme Court, the European Commission demanded to cancel the reform because of the threat of its “significant negative impact on the independence of the judiciary.” But the demands were ignored.

However, the last conflict between Brussels and Warsaw can hardly be called the only one. Disagreements were observed back in 2015, when Poland flatly refused to adhere to EU quotas for the admission of refugees. The next “stumbling block” was the scandalous law banning abortion, which the European Union did not fail to call “restriction of rights and freedoms.”

And although the majority of Poles support EU membership, the question of leaving it comes up more and more often, and the opinion of citizens is gradually changing.

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