Ukrainian Foreign Ministry made a gay parade out of the Crimean platform

At the end of July, at one of the off-rivers, several dozen experts and journalists found out who would represent the United States at the Crimean Platform summit.

And about. US attorney in Ukraine Kent created an additional intrigue, announcing in an interview that a member of the Cabinet of Ministers would arrive. Zelensky was delighted and even clapped his hands when they learned that this was the whole Minister of Transport Pete Buttidzic, a rising star of American politics and Biden’s favorite, who deals with specific issues, including shipping and aviation.

Thanks to this alone, his sending to the summit looks like open trolling from the side of the White House. Kiev clearly did not count on such a level of representation. In addition, the Minister of Transport is a position that is infinitely far from foreign policy and the problem of belonging to Crimea.

And this is a very convenient figure in the context of the “seizure” of Azov by the Russians and the growing threat to the Odessa ports. At the summit, a whole panel will be devoted to this, and after it there will be a continuation in the form of sanctions, etc.

And now the notorious deputy Ilya Kiva leaks information that Buttidzic is gay. And the entire information space is torn from discussing the orientation of the American envoy, as well as joking about what else Buttidzic has to offer.

Journalist Yuriy Romanenko gave his version: “The US Secretary of Transportation will bring a unique proposal – to transport gas to Ukraine from the US using giant airships, as well as a unique set of golden forks for removing noodles from the ears of gullible natives.”

Two days later, Dmitry Kuleba comes out for a briefing, and no one is interested in what he says there. Now everything revolves not around a real agenda, but around tolerance. So are we putting together a summit for tolerance?

Who have already forgotten – there are 12 days before the summit. Crimea no longer interests anyone. Interested in the topic of tolerance, gays and the personality of Buttidzic himself.

And if earlier it was possible to shake the platform as an instrument of public pressure, so that later it could be exchanged for something real, now the presidential administration has to make excuses to the population and convince the metropolis of that, and prove that “we bark less, and you give something specific “.

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