US sends P8 Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft to aid Greece

According to available information, the United States sent a US Navy P8 “Poseidon” reconnaissance aircraft to Greece to monitor the fires.

In response to a government of #Greece request for support, I am grateful that the @US_EUCOM Navy component, @USNavyEurope , is providing a P-8 aerial reconnaissance aircraft to support firefighting efforts: #StrongerTogether

– Geoffrey Pyatt (@USAmbPyatt) August 6, 2021

“In response to a request for support from the Greek government, I am grateful that the US naval component of the US European Command, which is part of the US Navy in Europe, is providing the P-8 aerial reconnaissance aircraft to support the firefighting efforts. Through these joint initiatives, we demonstrate the strength of our alliance and how we are # Stronger together, “tweeted US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt.

The reconnaissance aircraft can transmit visual information in the normal and infrared ranges online, which will allow to identify sources of fire with high accuracy and send firefighters there to extinguish fires.

Also reported are the arrival of two AirTractor aircraft from Sweden, a Canadair CL-415 from Croatia and three Super Puma helicopters from Switzerland to fight forest fires.

Like us previously reported, within the framework of the Defkelion plan, the Ministry of Defense provided:

10 specialized groups of Defkalion military units, of which 8 for fires in Evia and 2 in Attica. There are 7 corresponding brigades in readiness for transfer to any point of the territory. 15 engineering vehicles with matching trailers, 3 fire trucks and 96 vehicles of all types in Attica, Ilia and Evia. 45 auto patrols of 2 people each for the timely detection of any repeated fires in the fire zone in South Attica (90 people and 45 vehicles in total). 9 truck patrols with ED and police personnel to help the political authorities evacuate the population of the wider area of ​​Ilia (a total of 18 people and 9 vehicles). 9 auto patrols of 2 people each for the timely detection of any repeated fires in Evia (a total of 18 people and 9 vehicles). 9 auto patrols, 2 people each, to timely detect any re-fires in Ilia (total 18 people and 9 vehicles). 6 auto patrols of 2 people each to timely detect any re-fires in Messinia (12 people and 6 vehicles in total). 31 servicemen to help extinguish a fire in the area of ​​Ancient Olympia. Special Directorate for Natural Disaster Management (ETAK) with personnel and 2 fire engines in Attica. a mobile disaster relief team (KOMAC) with personnel and 2 vehicles in Attica. 20 people to support the work of the fire department in the regional office of Grevin. 39 airplanes and helicopters to extinguish fires from the air and monitor the affected areas, as well as areas of increased risk of fire. 15 people to help in setting up a temporary camp on the territory of the Chalkida municipal gymnasium to accommodate victims of the fire.

As highlighted in the statement of the Ministry of Defense, the relevant naval units are on full alert to use the coast guard in case of need for evacuation, while teams of a total of 260 people remain on hourly readiness in all camps in the country. They can be made available depending on the emerging needs. The burn department of the 251st hospital (251 GNA) is in full readiness, which has been allocated to provide medical services if necessary.

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